The Trial of Saddam Hussein and The Fallout of The War

The Trial of Saddam Hussein


The fallout in the Middle East from the regime change in Iraq

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CD Request

Saddam Hussein insisted, in an argument in court today, that the defence in his trial should get as much time as the prosecution.

The defence are seeking to submit CD videos as evidence.

Chief judge Rouf Abdel-Rahman said that he would not play the CDs in court, without first receiving a written request to include them as evidence. He also noted that the defence had been trying to add more witnesses to the list of those to testify.

Saddam interrupted, and said that Abdel-Rahman should give the defence as much time as the prosecution.


"I would insist not come here if I did not respect the judicial system. My respect for the judicial system is the reason behind accepting my colleagues to defend me and to present my case before Iraqis and public opinion.

The prosecution presented all his witness one by one. We have nothing here just talking but when the talk is forbidden then we enter an imbalance. To attain balance we have to give the same opportunity to the defence witnesses

Saddam has neglected to point out that he has no choice but to attend the trial.

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