The Trial of Saddam Hussein and The Fallout of The War

The Trial of Saddam Hussein


The fallout in the Middle East from the regime change in Iraq

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Saddam Hussein Museum

As President Bush contemplates his Presidential Library, in anticipation of his departure from office at the end of 2008, he may be "interested" to know that Saddam Hussein's followers are planning a similar memorial for Saddam.

They plan to create a museum besides Saddam's grave in al-Ouja.

Exhibits will include photographs, the coat, white shirt and shoes he wore at his execution together with other documents and belongings returned to the family by the Iraqi Government.

There is even talk of a book containing Saddam's writings penned whilst he was in jail.

Farouq Majdalawi, head of the Jordanian Publishers' Association, is quoted in the press as saying:

"If the readers are assured that the author is Saddam himself then the book will become hot and will make record sales".

I wonder if this is exactly what President Bush had hoped for, when he enacted regime change?

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