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The Trial of Saddam Hussein


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Mystery of The Disappearing Cigar Case

In a plot totally unlike the complexity or interest of an Agatha Christie plot, Boris Johnson (candidate for London's mayor) has found himself under police investigation for "stealing" the red cigar case of Tariq Aziz in May 2003.

Scotland Yard wrote to Mr Johnson demanding that return the red leather case, which he took from the bombed out home of Tariq Aziz in May 2003 (Aziz had surrendered to the US military days earlier).

Read the letter here.

Mr Johnson has now agreed to give back the case. However, he was somewhat surprised to find himself the subject of an investigation; given that he has never attempted to conceal the fact that he took the case. Indeed, he even wrote about it in The Daily Telegraph in 2003.

Mr Johnson's campaign team suspects dirty tricks by his opponents in May's mayoral election.

Scotland Yard now admit, privately, that they have handled the whole affair very badly.

A senior source is quoted in The Telegraph as saying:

"It is fair to say that the issue should have been handled differently. It should have been referred higher up. More senior officers should have been involved. It has not come out the way we would have wanted it to."

A complete waste of time and money!

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