The Trial of Saddam Hussein and The Fallout of The War

The Trial of Saddam Hussein


The fallout in the Middle East from the regime change in Iraq

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knit A Saddam Doll

Those of you with a penchant for knitting may, or probably may not, be interested to know that there is a knitting pattern available for a Saddam doll.

Rachael Matthews has written a book which contains designs for a number of dictators, including; Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Hitler and Idi Amin.

Why would anyone want to knit a dictator?

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Walking Turtle said...

> ..."Why would anyone want to knit a dictator?"

Because the Dictator had browbeaded the forced- and kept-helpless somebody in question past all tolerance, resulting in their brows becoming infected with Jungle Rot and all the pretty beads just falling off onto the ground?

Well, actually, lessee. A persistent and highly skilled knitter with a penchant for "Gallows Humor" just might find it amusing to fashion themself a Clever Noose to augment the Handy Pattern's basic instructions, one thinks. (Haven't seen the thing, so no real idea whether indeed the hypothetical noosage might already be Part of the Package.)

Noose or no, though, our Afro-Carribean brethren and sistern as well as any New Orleans Ninth Ward refugee post-Katrina (not to mention just about any righteously pi**ed-off Diebold/ESI paper-denied and ballot-flipped touch-screen voter or late-term bettor in the Global Casino's Guaranteed Ponzi Securities Derivative Investment Pool) just might stand in genuine need of a fine hand-knitted Voudon/Voodoo* poppet to serve as proxy for the Mal-Responsible Intended One, once knitting-up is done and the product of ones' own hands and craft are at last ritually anointed and charged by those self-same hands.

* (re Voudon/Voodoo: There are many differences but many more similarities such as this item, too.)

A tiny little alas for that notion, though, since it appears from the post that all available patterns of Infandous Dictator just might be effigies of ones already deceased. Staunch opponents of the Ethical Lapses of GWB (let alone Karl "Turdblossom" Rove or Richard B. "Big Dick" Cheney) who seek to cut those infandous bludgeoneers' Inner Fountains of Purest Evil off at the bedrock may thus, perforce, be called on to fend for themselves.

But knit one and you have knitted them all; all dictator is ONE dictator in our long-shared and much beloved Unity Sum Universe. The shade of the meat may vary, but the mileage from the State-Sponsored Torture Machine remains at precisely zero true clues per waterboarding. (They tagged him "Curveball" to the day he was "suicided" in a Middle East prison last week for a *reason*. Grim admonition in the NIE and Daily Briefing too, right there on the prexy's own desk, duly ignored as only a war-hungry fool will do, and duly buried by the WH OVP's OSP inter alia et al.

Black-headed sewing pin(s) required; no noose necessary. Use only as a Last Resort after exhausting All Other Available Options. Let this include first putting-in Topside for the genuine Illumination and Redemption of the Infandous Afflictors' living souls, given only that some over-clevver one might actually have just automatically somehow (there are ways) cheated ol' Loosafur right out of his own end of the Infernal Contract and thus actually have one "stashed off to the side" to Illuminate at all. (It is simply Best Practice not to blanket-assert off-the-cuff that all the Key Playas on that usurping krue o' enterprising thugz have bargained theirs away or sold it off.)

Unlikely, but see how well sticking to The Rules in these matters covers the Aggrieved Petitioner under Heaven.

Then proceed with the Right Thing. Many more, and more every day, have taken up the strongest of measures in their Lawful Prayers for Peace on Earth.

Peace on Haitian Soil? Such a long-denied state of joyous Indigenous productivity might prove akin in its origins to those of the Palestinian nakba, although again only the bullies' names and lines of succession change; the methods remain relatively constant over the blood-soaked, pain-wracked centuries.

Apart from such usage as that suggested above (Hekkuvva' job, Brownie!) I for one have on reflection found no better use for these gems of craft than this. Hey, it's all from History - why resist learning from it? (Beats repeating the lesson for seven lifetimes running, now does it not?)

It gets easier with time and practice, just like knitting but harder to undo, even (in too, too many well-known cases) under the Deci-(ah)-dictator's most enhancedly refined and vigorously robust torture. There is even a Dire Straits song on that reality:

"And I can still hear him laughing -
I can still hear his song -
The man's too big -
The man's too strong!"

Peace of heart unto thee! Reject all terror.
(You KNOW you WANT to.)

Hint: On the way out of the Armed Madhouse, do just remember to plugh as necessary. Even when the Unitary Executive Director of the Institute says to Just Sit Back Down and Take It.