The Trial of Saddam Hussein and The Fallout of The War

The Trial of Saddam Hussein


The fallout in the Middle East from the regime change in Iraq

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Chilcot Report Goes Live Online Today

As per the Iraq Inquiry website:

As planned, this website has been suspended to allow the Inquiry to make the final preparations necessary for publication of The Report of the Iraq Inquiry on 6 July. 

The updated website containing the Inquiry’s report and supporting documents will go live once Sir John Chilcot has finished his public statement on 6 July. 

Media enquiries should continue to be emailed to For media queries during office hours please contact the Inquiry's press spokesperson on 020 7276 3811 (between 8am and 6pm). Outside office hours please call 07825 826 886.

If you are a family member attending the Queen Elizabeth II Centre on the morning of 6 July you can contact the Inquiry either by email at or by phone (between 8am and 6pm) on 020 7276 1711.

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