The Trial of Saddam Hussein and The Fallout of The War

The Trial of Saddam Hussein


The fallout in the Middle East from the regime change in Iraq

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saddam's Son's Cars Found

Police in Iraq have discovered five cars that were once owned by Odai, one of the sons of Saddam Hussein.

The cars, two Rolls Royces and several vintage classics, were stolen from Odai Hussein's palace after the US invasion in 2003. They were then buried in an orchard in Baghdad's Dora neighborhood.

The thieves planned to smuggle the cars out of the country, and sell them. However, police learned of the plan and arrested three people.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

$10BN Lawsuit

The Iraqi government has served a number of foreign companies with a $10BN civil lawsuit. The companies, including Daimler, Siemens and B. Braun are accused of colluding with Saddam Hussein.

The lawsuit describes the kick backs etc involved in the United Nation's food-for-oil program in Iraq as "the largest financial fraud in human history."

The lawsuit has been filed in the US federal court in New York, and alleges that 2,200 companies from 66 countries paid a total of $1.8BN in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime in exchange for supply deals.


"Its impact on the people of Iraq when far beyond financial loss.

The corruption of the OFFP (oil-for-food program) affected the very lives and health of the Iraqi people

Daimler allegedly sold Mercedes trucks and spare parts to the Iraqi government. The A UN-sponsored report by Paul Volcker claims that an area manager at Daimler agreed in 2001 to pay a 10% kickback on a deal to sell an armoured van to Iraq, at an inflated price.

Daimler maintained at the time that it did not knowingly pay kickbacks.

Siemens has been accused of paying a six-figure sum as a bribe to the regime, to secure energy and medical-equipment contracts.

Chickens are coming home to roost!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Yellowcake Goes To Canada

550 metric tonnes of yellowcake (concentrated natural uranium), the last vestige of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program, arrived in Canada on Saturday.

The shipment removed the risk of it being used by insurgents and smugglers crossing to Iran.

Yellowcake can be enriched for use in reactors and, at higher levels, nuclear weapons using sophisticated equipment.